Welcome to the Protected Utility Community

The Protected Utility Blueprint provides support for government agencies to standardise the way they work, and to securely communicate and collaborate. It was developed in partnership with Microsoft and tested with independent security assessors.

It helps agencies move securely to a modern desktop based on the Microsoft 365 platform. Part of the Blueprint is configuration guides and security documentation to support you in assessing implementation against the requirements of the Information Security Manual. It means you can handle data up to Protected knowing it meets the most stringent cyber standards.

We created this community so the DTA could work with other agencies and industry partners who are implementing the Blueprint. It’s a place to work together to overcome common technical obstacles and share lessons learnt. We also want to hear from you about how we can iteratively improve the overall Blueprint design.

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Join discussions about the community or share lessons learnt regarding the Blueprint.


Ideas on how we can improve our products and work with you to enhance the Blueprint.

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